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You can buy my cool stuff here on my website!!!! Check out my books and music!!! I have awesome unique incense and sage! Free shipping man!!! Come on now, this is how I buy sandwiches to eat!


The Bearded Hippie Wizard ~ All of your incense, sage, and other meditation needs!

 I have meditation supplies, exotic gifts from around the world, such as from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Africa, and South America. I also have Native American goods and loose leaf tea. Everything is organic, non-synthetic, and fair trade.  Contact me at 850-348-6651 for bookings or appointments.


Festivals & Seminars

Seminars ~ These specialized seminars are good for any organization or business, helping to destress, be more productive, live a healthier lifestyle, and be more positive. Private Waiest Qigong seminars are now available! Dorje will come to you! $25 a head for a 45 minute seminar. Contact Dorje at 850-348-6651 for booking! Sifu Dorje - Shaolin . Qigong . Dim Mak . Meditation Classes ~ $100 a month ~ No children ~ By acceptance only ~ Contact for class application 850-348-6651. Private lessons ~ Private Waiest Qigong lessons are now available! Dorje will come to you! $85 for a specialized 45 minute class. Contact Dorje at 850-348-6651. Waiest Qigong In The Park ~ Call Dorje for details at 850-348-6651. Waiest Qigong Home Study ~