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Dorje Jangbu "Robert Wiest", the brother of Grammy nominee and renowned jazz musician, Steve Wiest, and Historian/Author and Emmy nominee, Andrew Wiest, comes from a family of musicians and has been playing music all of his life. Dorje now brings to you ambient meditative music, guided meditations, and motivational CDs that help to balance your body, mind, and spirit.

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Live For The Oneness

Dorje’s training exceeds over four decades. He has studied with monks, shamans, gurus, martial arts masters and mystics from around the world. He began training at the age of eight and started teaching at thirteen. Dorje is the founder of Waiest Qigong. Dorje holds certificates in Buddhist philosophical studies, Mikkyo, and received his diploma as a Certified Health Specialist from Trinity College of Natural Health.

Embrace Your Passion

Not only has Dorje written and produced all of his own books, CDs, and DVDs he has also created his own production company, which has received great "grass roots" success worldwide. Join the 10,000+ people on our Facebook page who've already enjoyed his writings and his music. Visit our website and YouTube page for free downloads and information. 

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The Bearded Hippie Wizard ~ Sage, Incense, & Cool Stuff

Check out my books and music!!! I have awesome unique incense and sage! Free shipping man!!! You can also call me and come by my studio! 850-348-6651 

Waiest Qigong Home Study . Books . Guided Meditation CDs . Inspirational . Stress Relief . Malas . T-shirts . And much more. 

Come on now, this is how I buy sandwiches to eat! Namaste

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House Blessing

Dorje can come to your house for a house blessing. This is great for brand new homes or homes that have had a dark time that needs to be brightened. This is great for children who need their rooms to be cleared of negative energy. $65 donation plus traveling expenses depending how far you live.


Dorje also does weddings. That’s right get married by a real Chi Monk! $100 donation

Healing Energy Sessions

Healing energy sessions! Dorje can help your Chi flow more smoothly and generally feel better, helping your healing process. $65 donation

Spirit Bags

Dorje can make a spirit bag for you and your home to help keep your house happy and clean of unneeded energy! Handmade blessed spirit bags! $20 donation

Private Lessons

Private lessons ~ Private Waiest Qigong lessons are now available! Dorje will come to you! $85 for a specialized 45 minute class. Contact Dorje at 850-348-6651.


Seminars ~ These specialized seminars are good for any organization or business, helping to relieve stress, be more productive, live a healthier lifestyle, and be more positive. Private Waiest Qigong seminars are now available! Dorje will come to you! $25 a head for a 45 minute seminar. Contact Dorje at 850-348-6651 for booking!

Dorje's Music


New From Dorje

You can now download beautiful meditation music, motivational speaking, and guided meditations that will enhance your journey, body,  mind, and spirit.

Sounds of Meditation

This wonderful CD of relaxing music will help enhance your meditative experiences and can be used as a meditative timing tool as each song is timed for your meditation and has been recorded in specific keys of music to help you relax your body, mind, and spirit. Download Here!

Dorje Robert Wiest Inspirational

Discover new and ancient forms of meditation, philosophy, natural health, and chi training that will bring balance to your life! Download Here!

You can now download beautiful meditation music, motivational speaking, and guided meditations that will enhance your journey, body,  mind, and spirit.

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